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Business Reimagined: Insights for Small Businesses in the COVID-19 Landscape (Session IV) - Shared screen with speaker view
Rudi Mueller
Will circle back to 13-week CF example in a moment
Rudi Mueller
This is the website where the example documents are located: https://www.saintleo.edu/business-events The document called Webinar PDF contains an excellent comparison of types of bankruptcy prepared by bankruptcy judge Mary Jo Heston.
Rudi Mueller
Question about finding the best attorney will be answered in a moment. For turnaround experts there is a member list of the professional association, the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) that allows search by location and specialization. One would want to look for individuals with Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) certification: www.turnaround.org.
Rudi Mueller
Jake is in Tampa. His e-mail is: Jake C. Blanchard Esq. (jake@jakeblanchardlaw.com). Noel's e-mail is: noel.boeke@hklaw.com