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Understanding the Impact of Culturally Engaging Campus Environments on Students’ Sense of Belonging - Shared screen with speaker view
Christine Woods
What about our adult learners - mostly online students?
Christine Woods
Are we considering our online environment as part of our campus?
Candace Roberts, Director, CTLE
Great questions, Christine. Maybe Daniel and Will will be able to address those today.
Viki Stoupenos
If SLU enrollment is 10,000+ non-university campus, how does this info apply to those 10,000 ????
Christine Woods
Maybe the next step is to apply these ideas to the online and center campus experiences
Daniel Duerr
Those are great questions! And we will circle back to them. We've also started talking internally about using a similar survey instrument to get at their experiences.One of the interesting challenges that we've had there is better understanding what Sense of Belonging means to our online and center students. We've gotten in some qualitative data from our students online and at centers but we are still working through all the details there.
Daniel Duerr
I should also add that we have found that Sense of Belonging is consistently important for our online and center students too--it's been relevant across the board.
Christine Woods
I did some research about retention of students in Virginia and found that retention from year 1 to 2 was pretty high but then there was a huge drop off between years 2 to 4. Conjecture is that students lose impetus as course work gets harder.
Viki Stoupenos
Would the same variables be considered for Worldwide students? When will the SLU Worldwide student examination of sense of belonging take place?
Christine Woods
It would be different variables for example instead of high school GPA perhaps looking at the amount of time since high school or last educational experiences
Daniel Duerr
Historically we've seen something a little different at Saint Leo. We tend to see our largest number of lost students in the first year, but we do lose another group of students after the second year too.For our adult students the story gets a little more complicated, because students are often bringing in such different numbers of transfer credits with them.As far as the timeline goes for our online students: my best guess is that we'll be piloting something similar for them over the summer, with a plan to launch a survey for them in the fall.
Christine Woods
Yes good points
Christine Woods
There are many supports and programs for the first year and then some of those supports and outreach drop off
Daniel Duerr
It's always interesting looking more closely at our adult student population, because they're bringing in such a varied range of experiences
Christine Woods
So there are two different issues #1 retention from year 1 to 2 and then #2 how do we keep students involved and connected and able to actually finish their degree program.
Christine Woods
All interesting questions
Daniel Duerr
Definitely agreed! We're spending a lot of time and energy better understanding what's going on in year-1, but what happens when the challenges that students are facing just get pushed out one year? Are students facing similar challenges then, but without the additional supports from year 1?
Christine Woods
Christine Woods
Going into year 2 forward, course work gets harder and sometimes money related issues come up
Christine Picot
Christine Picot
Walton and Cohen Article PDF
Audrey Koke
That's such a great point--the more involved students will answer, leaving out many...
Christine Woods
Most of the studies I’ve seen are small, limited to one school or even one course
Viki Stoupenos
Student just walked in room - I'm masking up :)
Viki Stoupenos
for her
Christine Woods
We are going to see some serious gaps in knowledge with incoming freshman with lack of skills from HS
Kate Wittrock
Thank you so much! I have to go teach my class. This provided excellent information and was very insightful :)
Daniel Duerr
Thank you! And thank you for being here today!
Viki Stoupenos
this will be a good session for end of year meetings/sessions or beginning of year :)
Christine Woods
Will and Dan are the dream team!
Khalilah Caines
This was great-thank you!
Karen Garcia, CTLE
Thank you!
Renee Gould
Thank you :)