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Social Services Speaker Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Yvonne Montell
• Thank you for joining our Social Services Speaker Series today, entitled:o Substance Abuse/Mental Health from the perspective of Children’s Protective Services ando Working with Youths from the perspective of Public Schools
Yvonne Montell
Welcome to Live Chat; please send your questions for Rhy to address
Derek Saunier
What advice would you give to a new or prospective child protective investigator?
Melissa Opie
Thank you!
Yvonne Montell
Thank you o Rhiannon Venturella
Yvonne Montell
o For more programmatic information, contact East Pasco Education Centero Or call 352-588-8919 and 352-588-8879o Yvonne.montell@saintleo.edu
Chuck Wilson
Where does MS Fisher see herself in 5 years
Kevin Weiss
Question for Ms. Fisher: Why do you think suicide and major depression is/has become so prevalent among students in recent years?
Melissa Opie
Two questions for Ms. Fisher: What does a day look for you as a school social worker and what resources do you provide for students who have learning struggles?
Celeste Nichols
Saint Leo University offers an online, CSWE accredited Master of Social Work program!Celeste Nichols and Kara Marino are Enrollment Counselors ready to share information and answer questions.Feel welcome to reach us directly:Celeste - 813-226-4802 or celeste.nichols@saintleo.eduKara - 813-226-4805 or kara.marino@saintleo.edu
Kevin Weiss
Question for Ms. Fisher: How much has the pandemic altered or affected students in regards to mental health, from what you’ve witnessed in your role?
Claudette Kelly
Thank you for inviting me. Great job well done.
Yvonne Montell
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Yvonne Montell
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